My guide to surviving Winter

Apologies for being a stranger, this blog post is way overdue! How is it nearly the end of October already? From boat trips and volcano hiking to scuba diving and Paris City breaks my Summer has been an unforgettable one to say the least. I was away for 2 months travelling around Thailand and Indonesia with George, and met up with a few different friends along the way, i absolutely love travelling and get such a kick out of being away and emersing myself in culture, food and people that surprise me. We saw some absolutely beautiful places, and i will definitely be returning to that part of the World (just another one to add to my list) My trip was the perfect combination of culture and chill... and boy did we chill. Many a day spent lying by a beautiful pool, doing absolutely diddly squat. That's what holidays are for right? I actually surprised myself with how chilled out i felt, and how happy i was doing absolutely nothing. It's such a rare feeling, and when you feel like you have no to-do list or no emails or invoices to send or no clients to squeeze in to that free hour in the day you have, and the list goes on.. you can finally put your feet up and say to yourself, i deserve this. 

George enjoying the view in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia. 

George enjoying the view in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia. 

In a previous blog post of mine I talk about how it's important to switch off from the real World and find time to relax in some way. Work is so important... obviously, we all have to pay the bills. But in todays society i see so many people rushing around and not actually stopping to appreciate what they have right infront of them. We are so eager to strive for the best and want everything, but does this leave any time for relaxation, enyjoyment, spending time with people that love you?... probably not much. Which is why i'm going to say it again, yes work hard, pay your bills on time and cram the work in while your young and able, but also chill the fuck out.

So now the Winter coats are out, the tan has completely faded and i'm back to the grind after a nice long break (got to earn some pennies for the next trip) i do it with a smile on my face after feeling totally relaxed, spoilt and full of love for the World. Feeling motivated as ever after my body has had a very welcomed break and so eager to build my business. I know i personally feel less motivated in the Winter months, mostly because of the weather, so i'm using that as a basis that most other people may feel the same, so we are not alone. Let's do this and make the lead upto Christmas a good one, so we don't feel like absolute Christmas puddings come boxing day. 

So with all this said here is my guide to surviving Winter..

First and foremost, KEEP WARM. Invest in a new Winter coat, get your one out from last year, borrow your grandma's or grab one from a charity shop. I recently purchased a really nice Winter coat for only £26 so it is still possible to keep warm on a budget. Keeping warm will prevent the dreaded winter cold and flu and also it is said to keep depression at bay.

My second tip is sproose up your happy place. George and i have shown our flat a little bit of love and purchased some new furniture, most of which is either second hand (gotta love Gumtree) or from IKEA. We managed to give it a full make-over for under around £200. Which between two people is hardly breaking the balance. This has made it so much more homely and cosey, making it an even nicer place to come home to as the weather drops even more. If you have a lovely cosey happy home to snuggle up in, there is less urge to go out and spend money.

Our new happy place :)

Our new happy place :)

My third tip is kind of against what i said about staying in, and it is to go out to an all you can eat and drink lunch! I am absolutely loving these at the moment. I was first introduced a few months ago, and it was great! I went to the Botanist in Liverpool street with some friends, and it was amazing food and such a good deal. I recently went to PIX in Covent Garden with my mum, again an all you can eat and drink lunch and it was only £33 the food was delicious and we managed to drink our way through a bottle and a half of Cava. Another great find is Oregano Stef's italian in Angel. The staff are amazing, the pizza is unreal and they will make sure your glass is full! I don't go out for lunch/dinner or breakfast much purely because i don't have the cash, but i personally think this is the perfect treat and such great value, especially as the weather is dropping so quickly, going out in the daytime seems so much more appealing than hitting the streets late at night.

So keep warm, make your home a happy one and treat yourself every now and again, or better yet get someone else to treat you, because you're totally worth it. Don't feel guilty for having time off and enjoying a rest but make sure motivation isn't lost and get back on it once you feel ready and rearing to go. If you need help with motivation please don't hesitate to get in touch. I offer personal one on one, group and online coaching and if motivation is something you struggle with and you need a kick up the bum from time to time, then i'm your girl. 

Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live in...