From Winter rut to Summer strut

January, February and March... Who even invented these horrendous months? The weather, the sad post Christmas bank account and the general vibe that goes with the slog of life as you try your very hardest to stick to your New Years Resolution, and be the new improved you. Zzzzz... 

As April hits and the sun finally starts to shine, the Winter blues are soon forgotten about. With Summer just round the corner and a positive mental attitude that adds a Spring step to our walk, were getting there! Its surprising how much of an impact a few more hours of daylight can have on your mood, making those unbearable 6 o clock starts less of a chore as you peer outside your window to be greeting by blue skies and beautiful sunrises. 

As Gabrielle so perfectly puts it in what is always going to be an absolute tune.

"Sunshine through my window,
That's what you are, my shining star
Sunshine, making me feel,
I'm on top of the World, telling me i'll go far." 

So i have put together 5 ways to help you get out your Winter rut and into your Summer strut. 

  1. Make your bed. I must admit when it comes to tidying, i am a little OCD, and making the bed every morning is no exception. It is said that making your bed first thing in the morning gives you a sense of accomplishment and level of organisation, feeling ready to tackle the day ahead. 
  2. Switch up your routine. Your lack of motivation may be a sign that your exercise programme is becoming sterile, boring and easy! Add some variety and try a completely new class, buying a block of sessions will boost morale and paying upfront means your less likely to cancel. 
  3. Get out in the fresh air. Whenever possible get some fresh air, walk to work instead of getting the bus or go for a Sunday stroll to shake off that dreaded hangover. Fresh air can raise your immune system, increase happiness and bust stress. 
  4. Treat yourself. As we are all desperately trying to save money for that booked summer trip that we can't really afford, it's so easy to be tight with money and get into the habit of spending as little as possible. You work hard, so treat yourself every now and then to an overpriced fancy ice-cream or new cosmetics. 
  5. Update your playlist. If you like it... Shazam it and download later! Update your playlist and workout to your new favourite beats and match your music to your mood. Giving your training a new life and energy. 

All that's left to say from me, is enjoy your Spring and build up to Summer and make your bed.