Heart Attack Grill

So scrolling through my Facebook news feed on a Thursday morning, as you do, i came across this post from LADbible.


To sum up the video advertises a restaurant diner in Las Vegas USA called the 'Heart Attack Grill' that sells quite insanely large burgers... to be precise 20 THOUSAND calorie burgers. The video also celebrates the fact that if you are over 350 pounds you can eat for absolutely free. Along with other pretty gross things, the menu offers a bacon fat shake... yep, bacon FAT shake. If you are defeated by your hideously large meal, you are spanked by one of the waiters, who are dressed as sexy nurses while you as a diner wear a pretty gross hospital style dress/scrub. 

I have been to America a few times and i'm quite aware that portion sizes are large and American style diner food is typically quite beige. Along with the fact that an all you can eat buffet of pancakes and waffles is totally normal for breakfast. But this video really surprised me and actually made me feel a bit sick. The fact that people are rejoicing the fact that they can eat a burger for free, that goes by the name of... the octupale bypass burger to me is bizare and extremely disturbing. With the addition of a good spanking from the sexy waitress, which makes this whole ordeal, in my opinion quite twisted and perverted. Many Brits head to America in search of the famous American diners and fast food chains like Hooters, the Hard Rock Cafe and McDonalds, and i totally get why! A holiday isn't complete without a total pig out and treating yourself to food that you wouldn't usually eat day to day. But sadly, i think the heart attack grill has taken American dining just a little too far. in 2014 results showed that 61.7% of adults were overweight or obese in the UK, 25.6% being obese. Taking into account the rate at which obesity has continually grown, it is predicted that in 2050 obesity will affect 60% of adult men, 50% of adult women and 25% of children. 

"Childhood obesity is best tackled at home through improved parental involvement, increased physical exercise, better diet and restraint from eating." Bob Filner

I agree that childhood obesity can be tackled, but unfortunately i don't think it's as easy as that. I think ultimately it comes down to lack of education about healthy eating and potential health risks which is where we're seriously going wrong. Anyway that's a completely different topic and i'm going off on a tangent, so i'll save that for another post! 

This video has been made to spark a bit of outrage and get people talking, and it's definitely done its job. Well done LADbible. But when something that could potentially cause us serious harm to our health and the fact that this video glorifies the extreme dining experience, is it something that should be glorified? You wouldn't see a drinks company advertise a drink that had ridiculous amounts of alcohol, because there are restrictions against such advertisements, for health reasons. So where are the restrictions when it comes to food? Aren't the health risks of eating yourself morbidly obese just as serious to drinking yourself to oblivion? Don't get me wrong i used to love watching Man vs Food and i wouldn't say no to a spicy wing challenge but this video really got me thinking. There's no real evaluation to this post, I just wanted to share this video and hear what everyone else's views are on this particular topic. So share and comment if you have an opinion, if not at least watch the video.