My journey...

Ever since i started my personal training course i wanted to run my own bootcamp, something i could build upon and watch grow. So Katie (one of my good friends who is also a personal trainer) and I decided to take on the challenge. We started planning back in 2015, with big ambitions, conjuring great ideas up over the Christmas holidays. It was after Christmas where things started coming together, and our bootcamp dreams became reality. 

This meant putting some hard work in, not just into planning and getting everything prepared in time but physically and mentally feeling ready to deliver and produce something clients will love, benefit from and want to do again. Training hard together has always been something Katie and i have enjoyed. Having a training buddie is so much fun, they help to motivate you on the days you can't be bothered and sharing ideas and training techniques gives you a confidence boost you can't get from training alone. So this was the easy part, the hard part was all the admin that comes with setting up a new business.

As a freelancer i am used to running my own business, it's a way of work that works well for me personally so i was expecting bootcamp to run smoothly, especially with two pairs of hands instead of one. We also had a huge boost and fantastic ongoing support from a good friend of mine Rosie, who was kind enough to provide our bootcampers with FREE pre and post exercising juices, THANKYOU ROSIE! 

So as April 3rd came around and the first bootcamp was due to start, despite only having one client lined up for the very first session and the rain POURING down, we were prepared to give it our very best shot. The 6.30 am starts proved to be a challenge on those rainy miserable days, as we ran through the month of the April showers. The great British weather being as reliable as ever... Despite this our bootcamp began to grow, with thanks to my fantastic and supportive friends, who showed increasing strength and determination. Huge big up to you bootcampers who dragged yourselves out of bed on those wet, dark mornings to come and roll around in the mud with us, you are AMAZING!! Sophie, Lilly, Lottie, George, Charlie, Becky R, Becky M, Izzie, Pearce, Rosie B, Natalie B, Rosie H, Tracy, Scarlett, Emma, Katie, Liam, Susan BIG UP YOURSELVES. It's so heartwarming seeing someone you've guided and encouraged improve and challenge themselves. Small adjustments they've made to their posture or technique that you've engrained on them, something as small as the positioning of the feet in a squat. I get such a boost from seeing clients, friends and family surprise themselves by their own strength and determination. 

This whole experience has taught me the biggest lesson in patience... 

"If at first you don't succeed, try and try again"

Ups and downs and successes and challenges, challenges we learnt to overcome and challenges i will continue to learn from. No, the bootcamp has not made me a millionaire, but i wouldn't change any of these great experiences for cash in my pocket. As cheesy as it sounds, i really love my job and i get so much out of it, if it was easy everyone would be rich and wouldn't that be boring. 

So 3 months later as i write this post, we are coming upto our very last week of bootcamp and i am pleased to say i will finish with a smile on my face and a feeling that everyone involved helped to create something really positive. All the amazing feedback we've had from the bootcampers has been so uplifting and encouraging, making me even more determined to come back next year with a bigger and better bootcamp. I will miss you all and thankyou again for your love and support, we couldn't have done it without you...

So watch this space... we WILL be back Summer 2017!