So... Here i am a year later. I'm so rubbish at blog posts! 

no alcohol.gif

Don't get me wrong i love a party, always have, always will! All your mates together having a laugh, a drink or five and dancing into the early hours, fab. The hangovers however, are not so desirable. Lazy Sundays wasted lying like a beige couch potato, eating beige food and feeling... well, beige about the dreaded Monday that is going to be inevitably painful. Why? Why... do we do this to ourselves? I spend Monday to Friday living a super healthy active lifestyle and then on the weekend i drink loads of alcohol and eat my body weight in carbs. 

So here goes- I'm detoxing! 3 weeks sober today, and i plan to go for it until Christmas. I want my insides to feel clean and pure and i want my Sundays to be colourful, and Mondays to be fabulous! I've never actually done a proper detox, only for maybe a weekend or two. What's scary is that if i think about it since the age of "cough" 18 of course... i have drank. If google is correct binge drinking is "the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time." Surely were all guilty then? Most weekends? Without sounding like an absolute alcoholic (i don't actually have a problem) basically for a decade i have been binge drinking most weekends, along with most of the population of 18-30 year olds, ouch! Not to mention the money spent on partying-that's a lot of booze, a lot of beige Sundays and a whole lotta hangovers. 

Here's to having a larfff without the booze and doing something because I want to do it. Not for anyone else or for a pat on the back, but purely to test my own self control, commitment and will-power. They say- healthy mind, healthy body. Let's see if being sober really does have a big effect on how i feel inside.