Work work work work work work

London life is so busy, whether you work a 9-5 job, freelance or just generally do your thing nothing is easy going. The pace of life is something i've gotten used to after being here for almost three years now, but i must admit when i go home and visit my family i absolutely love the slower, less frantic atmosphere that surrounds you. I feel like everyone is always on fast-forward in London, rushing from place to place and never just taking a moment to take everything in. I'm a culprit of this too don't get me wrong, you will quite often see me running through the underground station to catch the train that departs in one minute and not three, how silly?! But with all this rushing around and working our butts off trying to earn them p's, do we ever fully switch off and relax? I honestly think that finding the time to relax or doing something you enjoy is extremely important, separate yourself from the demands every day life throws at you, forget about the trivial things and just take a deep breath and put your feet up.  

I am desperately trying to work and save and work and save so i can enjoy my Summer. I am lucky enough to have really exciting things planned over the Summer holidays, George and I are heading to South East Asia to explore Thailand, Indonesia and possibly Cambodia for 7 weeks... July the 15th cannot come soon enough. With a few of my best friends heading that way around the same time we will be meeting and making old and new friends along the way and i'm so excited! With this said... my bank balance is taking a beating. It's never particularly happy with me anyway but with travel plans around the corner i am TRYING to be very careful with my pennies. Thankfully my days are jam packed with teaching classes, clients and bootcamp until i go away which is great, as being a freelancer, work can sometimes be quite sporadic. 

As the bank balance rises and my holiday is fast approaching all is well and good, but my free time and time for personal development takes a bit of a back seat. As a freelancer, i have always cherished the little pockets of free time it gives me; whether that's time for me to train, go to a class, do some admin, spend time with friends or just chill. So with the next few months being super busy i am making sure i spend my free time doing things that i find relaxing and enjoyable. 

So here's a list of my 5 favourite things to do when i'm not working. 

  1. Take a bath or shower. After a long day out and about, travelling for hours throughout the day from place to place and just generally feeling a bit gross. I find real satisfaction in being clean. It's amazing what a few scented candles and a dimmed light bulb can do, i instantly feel relaxed, calm and ready to collapse.
  2. People watch. With my work being dotted around the day, i often find myself with a free hour in between classes. Now the weathers picked up you will usually find me taking refuge in a nearby park, kindle in hand and tucking into my lunch. People watching is so fascinating and for me a very interesting and relaxing way to pass the time.
  3. Cooking. If you know me at all, you will know that i am a MASSIVE foodie. I love everything to do with food; sweet or savoury, breakfast, lunch or dinner i love it all. It's probably what i think about 50% of the time.. when my next meal is and what it's going to be. I love coming home and cooking a delicious meal for George to come home to. 
  4. Chill with friends. Thankfully although i am away from my family i have my own little family here in London, spending time with my girls who mean the absolute World to me is a great way to chill and detach myself from work. Whether it's a breakfast catch up, a big night out or a sweaty gym session, i always love the time we spend together and they never fail to put a smile on my face. 
  5. Watch a good documentary/tv programme. I love that feeling when you get into bed (all clean from a nice long bath) and get totally sucked into a really good documentary. Bedtime cuddles and in my case probably falling to sleep before the end of the programme calls for a perfect way to end a long day working. 

So here's to working our butts off to save the pennies but to also enjoying and cherishing the free time we have and spend it how we damn please, doing what makes us the most happy. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and your day is a little less stresfull than yesterdays.