Five simple steps I will help you take to reach your goals:

  1. An initial consultation where we will discuss your goals in relation to exercise and your current lifestyle, giving us both a clear understanding of where you go from here. 
  2. Getting you started on your individual training programme, with the addition of nutritional advice and guidelines. 
  3. Weekly check-ins where we can adjust and mould the programme to one that works perfectly for you. Measuring goals and improvements throughout. 
  4. With my support at any time through email or phone, my promise to you is that you will never feel alone during your fitness journey. 
  5. As we continue to work together, your goals will be met and new ones made.
Strive for progress, not perfection

I am available to train individuals on a one-to-one basis where you can discuss with me what plan will best work for you after your FREE consultation. Alternatively i offer training for small groups, training with friends is not just fun but great for motivation and the feel good factor. 

1 2 1 starts from £50 p/h

Group exercise starts from £60 p/h

Corporate classes start from £70 p/h

Too expensive? Buy a block in advance and pay less! 

I also offer online training, which will include building a programme tailored to your likes and dislikes and sending over your very own personalised training plans. Regular check ups and always on hand to answer emails or calls for any questions or difficulties you may have. This plan would be more suitable for someone who struggles with finding time to exercise and lives a very busy lifestyle, make it work for you and your goals can still be met. 

Contact me directly for more information. 

My promise.

Your first 30 minute session and consultation is completely FREE. 

A tailor made plan for YOU.

Constant support.

Nutritional advice and guidelines.