Don't know how, where, when to start.

Change now. 

Do something today your future self will thank you for. 

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Hi :) I’m Charlie, my journey started in Nottingham, that's where i'm from. From a teeny tot i was into sports, i started dancing at 3 and ran off stage crying in my tutu, dancing to the colours of the rainbow. Thankfully my confidence grew and i thrived in sports competitively and in school; gymnastics, dance, trampolining, athletics, tennis, swimming, horse riding... you name it i did it! I went on to study dance at the University of Lincoln and bagged myself a First degree (how i managed that i'll never know) then headed to London to live the dream. Dance, be a performer, be paid fantastically, travel... maybe not so realistic! Thankfully my passion and love for dance and ever growing interest in fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, soon led me to personal training, where I was able to mould both together. After graduating from the Future Fit school for personal training I began to grow my client base and continue to learn and be inspired by the people I train. I now work as a freelance dance teacher, personal trainer and class instructor and i'm loving every second! 


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The gym can be a scary place, especially when you haven't got a clue where to start?... Don't panic! 

If you're reading this, you've already taken your first steps towards your fitness journey, you've acknowledged that you want help and that you know something has to change. 

So whats next...

Get in touch, not all personal trainers bite! I pride myself on being approachable and fun, i believe you have to enjoy your training and want to do it, so let's make this experience a positive one. 

Creating a plan that suits you. 

Everyone is different, hence PERSONAL training. I will make sure to personalise a plan that suits YOU along with nutritional advice and constant monitoring.

I will be with you every step of the way. 


If you have any questions at all please get in touch, i will get back to you within a few hours. 

Personal training not your thing? Round up your work colleagues or grab a mate and train together, training in groups is great for morale! Contact for more info on corperate pricing and group training. 

 I'm available to train individuals or small groups in the following places; parks, your gym, your home or any space of your choice. I'm based in South-east London and am willing to travel. Contact me now to arrange your FREE consultation and session. 

Impossible... it even spells I'm possible.  


My approach to exercise is one that firstly starts with you, you have to want to do it. A positive mindset and a bit of a kick up the butt when motivation lacks is something we could all do with from time to time. 

When you believe in what you’re trying to achieve you’ll be amazed how effective sticking to a few basic lifestyle changes can be. What we struggle with as humans is breaking things down, seeing the whole process instead of the end result and understanding how we will achieve our desired goals. Once you know what you’re aiming for, and how you're going to get there, you’ll soon begin to realise that it’s not actually as hard as you first thought. With my help guiding you slowly through your journey, those goals may start to feel a little more achievable.

'Lifes's a marathon, not a sprint.'

As you start to see results and feel the effects of these changes you’ll thank yourself for being the motivation you needed. 



I am a firm believer in the term ‘eat hard, train hard’

I believe that if you incorporate the right foods into your diet without restricting completely if you have a sudden craving, along with an effective training plan that works for you, you will quickly start to feel the benefits. Yes, have clarity over your food and know what you’re putting into your body, but don’t let food be the barrier that you always seem to fall at. With a food and training plan that works for you, my promise is that your mind will follow. If inspiration with food is what you're lacking then check out my page 

 where you will find all the inspiration, recipe ideas and cooking tips you need to still enjoy and love food but understand the importance of nutrition. 

You will be pleasantly surprised at the improvements an exercise programme can have on your general well-being.. With the demands of a full time job, running a house, a family and socialising with friends you’re bound to feel like you have absolutely no time to exercise. But who said exercise has to take hours? Make it work for you, cook speedy nutritious meals and find an exercise programme that fits around everything else! 

Ready? Let's do it.


Five simple steps I will help you take to reach your goals:

  1. An initial consultation where we will discuss your goals in relation to exercise and your current lifestyle, giving us both a clear understanding of where you go from here. 
  2. Getting you started on your individual training programme, with the addition of nutritional advice and guidelines. 
  3. Weekly check-ins where we can adjust and mould the programme to one that works perfectly for you. Measuring goals and improvements throughout. 
  4. With my support at any time through email or phone, my promise to you is that you will never feel alone during your fitness journey. 
  5. As we continue to work together, your goals will be met and new ones made.
Strive for progress, not perfection

I am available to train individuals on a one-to-one basis where you can discuss with me what plan will best work for you after your FREE consultation. Alternatively i offer training for small groups, training with friends is not just fun but great for motivation and the feel good factor. 

1 2 1 starts from £50 p/h

Group exercise starts from £60 p/h

Corporate classes start from £70 p/h

Too expensive? Buy a block in advance and pay less! 

I also offer online training, which will include building a programme tailored to your likes and dislikes and sending over your very own personalised training plans. Regular check ups and always on hand to answer emails or calls for any questions or difficulties you may have. This plan would be more suitable for someone who struggles with finding time to exercise and lives a very busy lifestyle, make it work for you and your goals can still be met. 

Contact me directly for more information. 

My promise.

Your first 30 minute session and consultation is completely FREE. 

A tailor made plan for YOU.

Constant support.

Nutritional advice and guidelines. 



"Charlie is the most inspirational fitness instructor I've come across. Motivating, energetic, fun and professional, she gives you not only a hard-core work out, but the confidence to go with it! She explains and demonstrates all the exercises, in a way that people at any level of fitness can achieve and understand. I always feel in safe hands, and leave her classes with a sense of achievement (if a little achey!). "

Charlotte 25-Trainee nurse  9/4/16


"I have been training with Charlie for over a year now, and i have grown to love her as a trainer and friend. She has given me so much confidence considering i had no idea what i was doing before. Charlie is so patient which was particularly helpful for me being a slow learner and now the awareness i have for my body is amazing. With Charlie's help i feel strong and so much healthier. Plus she always plays great music, that you can't help grooving to!" 

Joe 29-Estate agent 28/7/16


"I started training with Charlie about a year and a half ago. Originally i wanted to work on building up muscle and tone up generally. What i have achieved with Charlie sis so much more than this! Charlie tailors each session with specific exercises depending on what type of workout i want, what area of my body i want to work on, or sometimes how i'm feeling that day. We have sessions where Charlie really pushes me physically and mentally to sessions that focus on my flexibility, incorporating yoga movements. Each session is fun and invigorating and Charlie has enough ideas and equipment to keep my focussed throughout. I have become so much stronger and i have learnt so much about my body through Charlie sharing her knowlege on the body and exercise, whilst also giving me tips and checking in on my nutrition to support my training. At the start of our training there were exercises i couldn't even attempt because of lack of strength and awareness. Now in every session, with Charlie's help i can do a range of exercises and with her continued support, i always feel like i can try anything and really push myself. In every session, Charlie is committed, inspirational and so much fun. I can't recommend training with her enough!"

Katie 25-Editorial assistant 21/09/16